Frequently asked questions 

Are you an agency? 

Yes and no. While we are not what you would consider a normal agency and how they operate. We are agency like in the sense we take care of administration, advertising, branding etc. Where most agencies tend have a toxic Boss and worker dynamic and the agency has complete control.

Entertainment Escorts provides management, mentoring and support services to help each and every lady. You remain independent and in controll at all times, such as which services you provide and clients you see, while we build a brand around you not for you. In a nutshell you work with us not for us.

We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on what really matters you, your personal life and the clients.

Is experience needed?

Absolutely not! Whether you are a seasoned pro or brand new to escorting everyone who works with us will recieve,comprehensive training and induction. 

I don't think I am pretty, do I need to look a certain way?

We believe beauty comes from within and in all shapes and sizes. We capitalise on this ethos and make sure you get the right client. However we do ask you are well groomed and well presented. We will go over the details of this at induction. 

What is the hourly rate? 

Many factors play into this answer such as what service you are wanting to offer.  Before you begin you will have a comprehensive discussion on your rates. While we have recommendations for highest monetary gain, the end choice is up to you.

How much can I earn?

The earning potential in this industry is almost unlimited. 

To give you an idea in a 6 hour shift our ladies are currently taking home around $1200-$1500.

What percentage do you take?

In a recent survey taken it was found that most agencies and brothels take either 50% or over plus rent (West Australian, 2019) we keep our rates low at 30% plus we cap our fees at $400 a shift.

Where will I be doing incalls from?

You will be working from a discreet and safe working environment located in the Perth cbd.
Sometimes there is the odd occasion where a client may ask you to visit them. We do not recommend offering this, but if you do it is entirely your choice. 

Do I need to show my face?, I'm concerned for my privacy.

Absolutely not! We take each and every ladies privacy very seriously. We blurr and remove identifying features in your photos to maintain your privacy and any other steps you may wish.

Is this work safe?

Absolutely! Our screening and safety process is by far the safest in the industry.

Is this legal?

Absolutely! In Western Australia being a escort comes under the prostitution act 2000 an the act itself is not illegal as defined in this legislation. 

So yes being a escort is completely legal in Western Australia!

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