Ethical and safe management 

We aim to provide all ladies with a safe and supportive working environment. We have created procedures and business practices that ethical, put the lady first and informed, this ensures your health and safety comes first!

Independence and autonomy 

One of our main policies is your body, your choice, your rules. This means everything from the hours you work, the service you provide and even the clients you see is your choice. We do not pressure you to do things unlike many other agencies.

Safe, fun and upmarket clients 

We screen all clients to ensure you get the best of the best. Our screening policy is by far the safest and strictest in the industry. All clients undergo this process before they see any lady, no exceptions!

Stacks of cash!

Take home stacks of cash! The legal way of course. You see the client, the client pays you, you then pay us and go home with a thick stack of a cash. Our girl's on average are talking home around $1200-$1500 a day.

The experience 

We are all about providing and maintaining a positive experience for all our ladies. We offer a photoshoot to capture you and your profile, get exclusive use and offer you the best experience possible and use of a discreet incall locations. 


Anyone who has ever worked in marketing will tell you a personal brand is key, and that's what we do for you everyday!
We tailor your marketing and brand to fit your personality, to attract clients who are compatible with and more importantly enjoyable to spend time with.

Unlimited earning 

Don't you think hard work as a escort deserves to be rewarded? We do!
As you become more established and regular client base, there may be opportunities for your rates to increase. Because we keep our fees low, lower than the industry average, the additional income goes straight into your pocket. You also keep all tips and extras you choose to charge.

Utter and complete privacy 

Your privacy and discretion is important to us. We understand that you have lives and may not want others to know about this job, that's why we take steps to ensure your privacy and complete discretion. We tales steps like removing notable pictures, ensuring you don't see certain client types and more.

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